CJP Electric & Design is a full service electrical contractor in Worcester, Massachusetts specializing in a wide array of electrical services including but not limited to new home construction electrical wiring, home addition wiring, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting installation, smart home design/installation to control heating/air conditioning, lighting and security from cell phone or computer, electrical heating system installation, baseboard heating system installation/replacement, electrical troubleshooting and repair, circuit tracing, electrical outlet installation, home theater design/construction and wiring, TV Wall Mounting, electrical service/panel upgrades, 110-220 volt upgrades, 100Amp-200Amp Electrical Service Upgrades, Voice/Date Network Cabling & Wiring, Parking Lot Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades & Retrofitting, Electrical Generator Installation, Radiant Heating System Installation, Security System Installation, Doorbell Replacement, Ceiling Fan Installation/Repair & Replacement, Machine Control Circuit Wiring, Appliance Installation, Garbage Disposal Installation, Cable Outlet Installation, Junction Box Relocation, Chandelier Wiring & Hanging and Many Other Electrical Services. CJP Electric & Design offers free price quotes for residential and commercial electrical wiring projects for homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, medical clinics, police/fire stations, city/town halls, city/town governments, state government buildings, federal buildings, retail outlets, shopping malls, grocery stores, factories, warehouses, museums, libraries, public/private schools, colleges, universities, commercial office buildings, apartment buildings, condominium complexes and many other types of multi-family dwellings and institutions.

MASS Generator Installation & Repair in Massachusetts

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MASS Electricians
Worcester Electrical Contractors & Commercial Electricians in Worcester County, Massachusetts
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Residential & Commercial Electricians in Worcester County & Middlesex County
MASS Electrical Outlet Installation: 110V & 220V Electric Outlet Installation in Massachusetts.
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Smart Home Design & Installation

Custom Interior/Exterior Lighting

110V/220V Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical Panel Service Upgrades

Electric Back-up Generator Installation

Electrical Repair/Troubleshooting

Machine Control Circuit Wiring

Voice / Data Network Cabling

New Construction Wiring & Home Re-wiring

Baseboard Heat Installation / Radiant Heat

Security Systems / Fire Alarms

Parking Lot & Commercial Lighting
MASS Electrical Contractors
Commercial Construction Electricians & Machine Control Wiring in Massachusetts.
Worcester County Electricians Providing Chandalier Wiring & Hanging in Massachusetts
Home Addition Wiring & Lighting Contractors in Massachusetts.
MASS Under Cabinet Lighting in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Worcester County Electricians & Commercial Electrical Contractors in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
MASS Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting Electricians in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
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Central Massachusetts Electrical Contractors in Massachusetts.
Worcester Electrical Company: Electricians & Lighting Specialists in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
MASS Electricians: Smart Home Design/Construction in Massachusetts
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MASS Commercial Electrical Contractors & LED Lighting Specialists in Massachusetts.
Worcester County Custom Lighting Contractors in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
MASS Electrical Panel/Service Upgrades From 100 to 200 Amp Service in Massachusetts.
MASS Smart Home Design/Installation Electricians in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Interior & Exterior Lighting Expert
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MASS Commercial Electrical Contractors in Massachusetts
MASS Custom Lighting Design/Installation Electricians in Massachusetts
Commercial Electrical Contractors in Worcester County, Massachusetts
Best Electricians in Worcester County, Massachusetts
Elegant Under-Cabinet Lighting Experts
Kitchen Renovation & Appliance Wiring
 Chandelier Wiring & Hanging Specialists
Commercial Building Lighting & Wiring
100 Amp-200 Amp Electrical Service Upgrades in Massachusetts
MASS Electrical Panel Upgrades & Sub-Panel Installation in Massachusetts
MASS Back-up Generator Installation in Massachusetts
100-200 Amp Electrical Service Upgrades
MPU / Electrical Panel Upgrades
Back-up Generator Installation
Pop-up Hidden Electrical Outlet Installation
MASS Electrical Outlet Installation & Replacement in Massachusetts
MASS Commercial Electrical Contractors & New Construction Wiring in Massachusetts.